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Posted on 28 April 2023

We are looking for an ambitious and energetic person, open for a challenge and willing to contribute to the growth of our Company.
Storekeeper, person that will be able to prepare client orders for delivery; to assemble the necessary products prior to delivery; to load the daily orders in the company vehicles prior to delivery; to check that loaded items match the items on the invoice; to have very good knowledge of stock levels; to keep the warehouse clean and organised at all times.

Major duties:

  • To locate invoiced items in the warehouse and prepare them for delivery.
  • To assemble products prior to delivery.
  • To load the company vehicles every day prior to delivery.
  • To release from the warehouse only items that have been invoiced and fully paid by the client, in the case of pick from store.
  • To give a copy of the invoice to the clients and make sure to get our copy signed and filled in by the client.
  • To fill in your personal details and time of goods-release on the invoice.
  • To deal with clients courteously and resolve any disputes amicably and politely.
  • To store back in their proper place, any returned products and inform the sales people to issue the necessary credit notes.
  • To acquire very good knowledge of the extensive types of products that the company distributes.
  • To conduct frequent stock-takes as instructed by management.
  • To be responsible for the stock within the warehouse.
  • To keep the warehouse/s tidy and safe from tripping/fire hazards.
  • To check and sign for the receipt of goods from both foreign and local suppliers.
  • To inform the accounts and administration office of any damaged goods received from suppliers and shippers.
  • To fill in the form for waste generation (plastic, jablo, carton, etc.) and pass on to the administration department.
  • To liaise with the sales team and the administration team during the preparation of new stock-orders.


Closing date: 31/05/2023

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