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Our Sectors


Assisting clients in making the most out of their living space has become one of CRC’s main objectives during the past couple of years.


During the past 26 years CRC has specialised in the creation or refurbishment of various types of business locations.


To complete the package, CRC widened its already vast range of products to include items requested specifically from the industrial sector.

Featured Products

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discount on shelving Malta Heavy Duty

Our Brands

As a company, we dedicate extensive time and resources in the search for the perfect products for our clients.  CRC Group works with selected suppliers and top brands from all over the world.  We participate in international fairs every year to keep abreast on latest prototypes and ideas which would be relevant for the Maltese market.  We thrive to ensure that we bring quality, innovation and style to our shores, while keeping in mind the importance of price competitiveness.  Furthermore, we make sure that all imported products are in line with the required regulations and certifications imposed by local and European legislation.   

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Our Clients

Since 1991 we have had the honour to work with various businesses and individuals coming from different walks of life. Our long list of satisfied clients includes personal residences, various businesses in the catering and hospitality industry, ministries and authorities within the government sector, food and retail outlets, religious institutions, schools, warehousing and logistics hubs, and much more.