About us

Mr. Attilio Briffa – Founder/CEO

From a very young age, Mr. Attilio Briffa showed an outstanding entrepreneurial personality and he truly incorporates the meaning of ‘Entrepreneurship.’ As a young boy, Attilio dedicated most of his time working and gaining precious experience in the family food-importation business. His outgoing character and innate aptitude for sales were valuable assets that facilitated his entry into the business world. Being both very creative and ambitious, he dreamed of building a business with his own hands, which would allow him to express his resourceful nature and, at the same time, quench his thirst for success. Not surprisingly he opened his first company at the tender age of 17.

Mr. Attilio Briffa has been Chief Executive Officer of Creative Refurbishing Centre (Malta) Ltd. since 1991. He single-handedly founded and managed successfully CRC (Malta) Ltd. during the past years. Apart from becoming leader in the market of importation & distribution of shelving, refrigeration equipment, offices and various other shop fittings, he also managed to branch-out to the domestic market, offering locally-produced custom-made furniture products and apertures to Maltese

residences. Thanks to his intuitive nature, Mr. Briffa steered his company successfully throughout the financial crisis, increasing his investment in human resources and advertising in the process, and emerged stronger than ever, grabbing an even bigger share of the previously-held market share. Additionally, following his entrepreneurial instincts, Mr. Briffa recently launched a new branch focusing on turnkey projects to reap benefits from the strengthening of the local construction industry.

Mr. Briffa had gained considerable international experience during a number of years spent managing an Italian-based manufacturing company, where he held the post of Director, specialising in the production and exportation of sweets, namely, liquorice, gummies and marshmallows. In his role as Sales & Marketing Director, he was responsible for the creation of a completely new brand, a company logo, a various range of products and personalised product packaging. He personally attended specialised fairs held all over the world to launch these products on the global market.

As CEO, Mr. Briffa not only runs CRC Group on a daily basis, but, due to his passion for work and strong ties with old time clients, he personally opts to take care of big projects entrusted to the company. He communicates directly with the clients and assists them in the choice of products and optimal layouts. Needless to say, Mr. Briffa enjoys the invaluable support of his colleagues, whose expertise in a wide range of sectors ensures that every project runs smoothly from start to finish.