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Mr. Attilio Briffa – Founder|CEO

From a very young age, Mr. Attilio Briffa showed an outstanding entrepreneurial personality and he truly incorporates the meaning of ‘Entrepreneurship.’  As a young boy, Attilio dedicated most of his time working and gaining precious experience in the family food-importation business. His outgoing character and innate aptitude for sales were valuable assets that facilitated his entry into the business world. Being both very creative and ambitious, he dreamed of building a business with his own hands, which would allow him to express his resourceful nature and, at the same time, quench his thirst for success.  Not surprisingly he opened his first company at the tender age of 17.

Mr. Attilio Briffa has been Chief Executive Officer of Creative Refurbishing Centre (Malta) Ltd. since 1991.  He single-handedly founded and managed successfully CRC (Malta) Ltd. during the past years.  Apart from becoming leader in the market of importation & distribution of shelving, refrigeration equipment, offices and various other shop fittings, he also managed to branch-out to the domestic market, offering locally-produced custom-made furniture products and apertures to Maltese residences. Thanks to his intuitive nature, Mr. Briffa steered his company successfully throughout the financial crisis.  He increased his investment in human resources and advertising during the economic downturn and emerged stronger than ever, grabbing an even bigger share of the previously-held market share.  Additionally, following his entrepreneurial instincts, Mr. Briffa recently launched a new branch focusing on turnkey projects to reap benefits from the strengthening of the local construction industry.

Mr. Briffa had gained considerable international experience during a number of years spent managing an Italian-based manufacturing company, where he held the post of Director, specialising in the production and exportation of sweets, namely, liquorice, gummies and marshmallows.  In his role as Sales & Marketing Director, he was responsible for the creation of a completely new brand, a company logo, a diversified range of products and personalised product packaging.  He personally attended specialised fairs held all over the world to launch these products on the global market.

As CEO, Mr. Briffa not only runs CRC Group on a daily basis, but, due to his passion for work and strong ties with old time clients, he personally opts to take care of big projects entrusted to the company.  He communicates directly with the clients and assists them in the choice of products and the design of optimal layouts.

Company History

CRC (Malta) Ltd. was originally founded in 1991.  In the beginning, the range of products offered was very limited and consisted mainly of storage shelving and pick and mix containers.  However, as time went by, the need to cater for a wider range of shop fittings arose, driven by long lines of clients who seemed unable to find the products they were looking for on the domestic market.  Consequently, the company was restructured to cater for this new market niche, and the rest is history.

In a matter of weeks, CRC (Malta) Ltd. established contacts with various specialised suppliers from all over the world, chose the best brands and products the world market could offer and started importing and distributing them at very competitive prices.  That is how CRC evolved in the dynamic company it is today – a one-stop shop for whoever wants to start-up or embellish any type of retail outlet, catering establishment, office, store or private residence.  A ceaseless stream of positive comments from satisfied clients continues to spur the company forward in search for high-quality products.

Nowadays, CRC (Malta) Ltd. is a well-established company with its own 5-storey complex that houses the showrooms, offices and warehouses spread on each of the 400sq. metre floors.  Due to a remarkable expansion of the business, CRC (Malta) Ltd. is also currently renting two additional showrooms and one other warehouse in the vicinity of its main headquarters.  The company’s own delivery vehicles transport goods right up to the client’s doorsteps.

CRC (Malta) Ltd. boasts a portfolio of thousands of products which include shop shelving, storage shelving, office furniture, lockers, office cabinets, fire-fighting equipment, complete refrigeration systems, cold rooms, security tags, alarm systems, bar counters, mannequins, custom-made furniture, glass showcases and various other shop fittings.  Our target markets include retail outlets, offices, supermarkets and private residences.  Indeed, as regular clients CRC (Malta) Ltd. has almost all the major supermarkets and retail outlets in Malta.  More than one thousand clients come to us for products and design solutions every year.  While 60% of these would be new clients, the remaining 40% represent satisfied customers who come back for new products and fresh ideas.

During the past five years, CRC (Malta) Ltd. broadened its horizons by entering new markets.  In 2014, the company started offering a wide range of customised furniture, designed and built entirely in-house.  In 2017, in response to the boom in the construction sector, CRC made considerable capital and human investment in order to start offering turnkey services which include building, plastering, gypsum, painting, tile-laying and M & E.  The company is currently preparing to launch officially its new catering section. Products will include professional catering equipment for the kitchen as well as all kinds of tableware.

At CRC (Malta) Ltd. we believe that apart from having an extensive range of high-quality products offered at extremely competitive prices, nothing exceeds the importance of a good after sales service, because our clients deserve the best.