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Assisting clients in making the most out of their living space has become one of CRC’s main objectives during the past couple of years.  Our wide spectrum of products and services ranges from simple jobs to whole turnkey projects.  We offer custom-made furniture, off-the-shelf office furniture, plumbing and electrical installations, gypsum works, façade insulation, plastering and tile-laying, to mention a few.  Our range of products includes a wide selection of floor finishes and even apertures, including security doors, garage doors and aluminium/pvc windows and doors.

Our Brands

As a company, we dedicate extensive time and resources in the search for the perfect products for our clients.  CRC Group works with selected suppliers and top brands from all over the world.  We participate in international fairs every year to keep abreast on latest prototypes and ideas which would be relevant for the Maltese market.  We thrive to ensure that we bring quality, innovation and style to our shores, while keeping in mind the importance of price competitiveness.  Furthermore, we make sure that all imported products are in line with the required regulations and certifications imposed by local and European legislation.