Metalsistem galvanised walkways and mezzanines

Metalsistem galvanised walkways and mezzanines


Metalsistem’s mezzanine range includes flexible multi-tier open surfaces, suited both for commercial and industrial applications as well as two-tier and three-tier suspended walkways which are dedicated structures for high density shelving applications. The METALSISTEM approach towards the production of two-tier and three-tier suspended walkways is to apply the full power of its facilities towards the production of fully certified components that, once assembled, create a future proof expandable catwalk shelving systems. Patented profiles allow METALSISTEM to approach open mezzanines with an entirely unique philosophy, optimising storage density, embedding workstations, marshalling areas and providing specific solutions for pallet handling at height. The highly flexible METALSISTEM wide span mezzanine solutions are suited to a broad range of applications. The inherit flexibility of METALSISTEM patented profiles has been successfully applied in specialised sectors such as 3PL (Third Party Logistics), tyre racking as well as hung and folded garment facilities.


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