Our Divisions

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Shop fittings division

Our shop fittings division offers our esteemed clientele an extensive range of products to equip whatever type of outlet the client requires and in whichever style is desired.  From a complete supermarket, ready to welcome its first customers, to a small stylish retail outlet featuring all sorts of designer brands – we cater for it all.  With our high-quality products we are sure to make your project become a reality.

Logistics division

Any business which aims for efficiency requires an excellent storage and distribution centre.  We are here to assist you, no matter how big or small your requirements are.  Our company can supply you with light duty racking, medium duty and heavy duty shelving, mobile shelving to maximize space utilisation, pallets made from PVC, wood or metal, palletizers, lifters, warehouse trolleys, ladders, mirrors, bumpers, lockers, lighting and all the necessary warehouse signage.

Office Division

The office is the heart of any thriving business and it is where things need to be both accessible and in order.  With our stylish ranges of high-quality office furniture and seatings you and your employees will reach all financial and organisational objectives with ease and comfort.  Our brands offer a wide selection of executive and operational desks, pedestals, filing cabinets, ergonomic chairs, sound-proof partitions and board room furniture.

Catering division

If you are in the restaurant business or simply have an intrinsic love for food and its preparation, you are sure to find all the equipment you need at our showrooms.  We offer an extensive range of professional catering equipment and tableware to setup any type of eatery, from a simple take-away shop or cafeteria, to a 5-star dining experience venue.  You can also choose from our wide selection of menus and staff uniforms, and all that’s left to say is “bon appetite.”

Refrigeration division

If your business requires storage and display of cold and frozen food items, our selection of refrigeration equipment, including fridges, freezers and cold rooms, will definitely suit your needs.  Moreover, having been in the business for over 25 years, we can help you choose the best equipment you require while keeping electricity costs at bay thanks to our eco-friendly and energy-efficient brands.  Our equipment is also tropicalized to withstand the harsh Maltese Summers.

Signage division

Make your business environment or outlet easy to navigate-through for all your customers and employees, by opting for one or more of our signage solutions.   From simple leaflet holders to more sophisticated digital screens, LED billboards or interactive screens.  We have it all.

Projects division

Our projects division offers an extensive range of tiles, marble and precious stone floorings, stylish mosaics, internal doors, security doors, aluminium and UPVC apertures and garage doors.  We can really transform your place to your liking.

Turnkey division

Why not entrust your dream project to us and leave everything in our hands?  We can take care of electrical & plumbing installations, flooring, plastering, façade insulation, construction alterations and so much more.  We can also supply you with the materials you require from our projects division. While we transform your space, you can go on with your life like you usually do, without having to run around from one supplier to the other.  After all, who has time for all of that nowadays?

Combined Industries division

Whatever our wide range of off-the-shelf brands do not offer, our sister company falling within the same group can produce it custom-made to your needs and liking.  Made-to-measure apertures, railings, internal and external doors, stairs and all sorts of home furniture can be produced to customer specifications using various materials including wood, metal, aluminium and UPVC.  

Furniture division

Every space gets its identity from the items specifically hand-picked to furnish it.  Allow us the pleasure of assisting you in creating your ideal venue, be it for work or leisure.  We offer furniture for residential units and whole contract furniture solutions for the hospitality industry.  Urban furnishings are also available to enhance outdoor spaces that are very often underestimated and not fully exploited.  Additionally, we have a whole range of furniture designed particularly for educational venues, including schools, universities, training centres and research centres.