Announcement related to Covid-19

Dear All,


In view of the nationwide measures being announced relating to the Corona Virus ( Covid-19 ) kindly take note of the following.


Our Showrooms are still open until further notice as till now our specific sectors have not being forced to close, however we are taking this situation very seriously and we are working with STRICT LIMITATIONS relating to the public accessibility, all of course in line with the social distancing recommended measures.


We can receive orders related to all our sectors via e-mail and on the phone as listed below:

[email protected]                    Tel: 21419400 ext 102

[email protected]                    Tel: 21419400 ext 103

[email protected]                    Tel: 21419400 ext 104


To collect your goods we suggest that you contact our stores people on:

[email protected]                    Tel: 77419400


Deliveries will continue for the time being, but under strict conditions, deliveries will be up to door and to ground floor only, installations unless specifically agreed upon, will not be done.


We currently have no control on this situation, nobody does, but what we surely have control on is the wellbeing of our employees, so please refrain from turning up to our showrooms if you can sort our things via telephone, mobile, e-mail or web.


We will of course keep you updated on any other upcoming news / developments as they arise, we are not excluding the possibility that the authorities might force us to close due to a total lock-down.


We of course apologize for the inconvenience.

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