Office Partitions Benefit Modern Business in many ways


The number of companies that have made the switch to movable office partitions in Malta is staggering. It encompasses every type of business from high tech to hospitals, law offices to manufacturing firms in every locale from east coast to west. Below we’ll take a look at the benefits these companies are enjoying and the thought processes behind their conversions.

While aesthetics is of primary concern to many businesses it’s only one of the major benefits of Office Partitions in Malta to be gleaned from partition walls from CRC. The other major, compelling reason to make the switch to partition walls is economic. Few developments in the past half century have made such a fundamental impact on the bottom line of companies large and small as movable partition walls.

You’d have to be living under a pretty big rock for most of the 21st century to be unaware of the environment crisis facing us all. From the Pacific garbage patch to overflowing landfills, to depleted primary forests and all the various side effects of climate change. If we are to leave our children and grandchildren a world worth living in it’s crucial that individuals and businesses pull together to get a handle on the situation now, not 10 years from now. Modular walls are composed almost entirely from recycled materials and at the end of their extremely long productive life they can be completely recycled, thereby breaking the cycle of primary resource waste. This aspect of movable walls is attractive to a wide array of environmentally aware companies who have seen the light and made the switch from drywall.


One concern we hear from customers regarding Office Partitions in Malta is their fear that by installing movable partitions they will lose any semblance of privacy in their offices and that this could be disruptive to the normal conduct of business. While we understand the concern we’re also happy to say that there is no need for it. Glass partition walls provide both the open, collaborative environment needed today where people can communicate easily between different areas, and the need for privacy. That’s because most modular wall segments extend to the ceiling and create a quiet, secure environment within where confidential conversations can be safely held and important phone calls are not interrupted by the kind of chaos inherent in strictly open plan offices.


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